High-Speed Reactive Microservices.

Scale Cube is A Novel Open-source application-platform that addresses inherent challenges involved in the development of distributed computing.

ultra-fast at Any Scale

Scale Cube toolkit enables developers to write ultra-fast cloud native applications that fits to any-scale with only packaging changes. it keeps the application logic agnostic to the underlying technology providers including scalecube itself.


Allows applications to exchange data in real time and provides the required reliability essential for mission-critical systems. Low-latency, high-throughput, lock-free.


Write once run anywhere at any scale. with scalecube you can transition from a monolith to internet-scale web-service without bottlenecks or changing a single line in the application code.


Asynchronous non-blocking stream processing with backpressure. Simplifies building reactive-systems and microservices based on reactive-streams, none-blocking-io: HTTP, WebSocket, TCP and Reliable-UDP.


Cloud-native application no sidecar, no-brokers or additional moving parts that require maintenance and subject to failures not even scalecube itself.


According Smart endpoints and dumb pipes design principle ScaleCube favors distributed algorithms that scales over centralized control and/or complex integration platforms.


Fully Transparent to the application code, Scale Cube keeps out of your way. you only need to mark what service to bootstrap with each package. the service remains clean and easy to test.

Run on any Platofrm

Build a Cloud Native Application that scales on any popular cloud or platform.